Mini Wok Oriental Kitchen

I was meeting my ex-roommate after a very long time!! the main aspect which helped us bond amongst everything was “Chicken”!! As we were looking for a place to have dinner and strolling on the road, there was mini wok!! my all time favourite pan-asian place! I simply dragged her there!

Though they have an extensive menu, I always enjoy their combos. They are not the best as far as ambiance is concerned because they have just four tables all seated just outside the kitchen. Their service is decent but the food is amazing.IMG_20160116_204112311[1]

In their combos they have four options: Schezwan combo, Chilli-soya combo, Manchurian Combo and Cantonese combo. All these are Chinese styled gravy served either with rice or noodles and you can choose if you want it with chicken or prawns or simply stick to vegetarian.

We directly jumped to main course where we ordered Chilli- Soya chicken combo with noodles and Manchurian Chicken combo with rice.

The Manchurian combo arrived first. The cold January weather with the hot spicy food with full pieces of boneless chicken was heaven!! The rice was also mixed with Manchurian sauce making the food spicy and it tasted good.

The Soya Chilli arrived shortly, the noodles was plain and as compared to the Manchurian the spice was less in this gravy! But we mixed this gravy with the Manchurian rice and the Manchurian gravy with the noodles managing to balance the spice equally. The taste overall is soo good! And the quantity is huge!! We were so full that we couldn’t pull ourselves out of the chair to leave!!

They also sell aerated drinks on MRP!! A rare thing to see in restaurants. They also have an online website for online ordering of food and give occasional offers 🙂

We have to part with only a little from our wallets which excites me 😀


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  1. Fatfoodie says:

    This place is owned by my one of my friend. Yummy food and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


    1. Wow! do let the owner know I love his/her place!

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