Only a South Indian living in Pune will understand that all the so called authentic south Indian restaurants are not south Indian but Udupi cuisine. But the one exception I found is “IDDOS”. On the occasion of Pongal (it is a harvest festival celebrated almost throughout India), we Tamil people as a group of 15- 20 people lunched at Iddos.

The place is big enough to accommodate a lot of tables. They have an open kitchen and indoor and outdoor seating. Nothing great about the place décor but their service is good!

A majority of the people had thali but since I wasn’t having a commendable appetite I decided to order something else from the menu. I settled on Pongal, a dish made using rice, dal, pepper, ginger and ghee!! They took some time to serve the pongal as well as the thalis but the other dishes like dosa, a dish made from rice batter, and Idiyapam, also made of rice in the form of rice flour surged into noodles and then steamed, was served five minutes.

The idiyapam was served with stew and it tasted just the way you get it in Kerala!! My Pongal dish took a nice twenty minutes to come but the wait was all worth it!! It was served with Sambar (a broth made out of lentil), and you don’t have to roll your eyes thinking it must have been sweet and watery but on the contrary it was the most most authentic sambar I have had so far when not at home! The pongal was so good that I couldn’t stop having a wide smile on my face throughout the meal!!! It was my eureka moment.

How can one not have a sweet dish on a festival!? So the next in line was “Pal ada pradhaman”, payasam with rice flakes, basically a sweet rice pudding with cashew nuts and raisins J , but I have to admit that the normal payasam tasted far more better than this dish.

#pal ada pradhaman
By the time we were done with all this, it was 3:30 and how can one miss the authentic filter coffee!! And trust me when they saw authentic they really mean authentic!! It came piping hot with froth covered on the top! The perfect combination of decoction, sugar and milk.


The prices are nominally priced and service is good. A person from Tamil Nadu will definitely love this place. As far as other south Indians are considered, it is up to them to decide if they taste the way their authentic meal tastes!!

I’m definitely going back there!!


Iddos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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