Stew Art

I have always been very reculant to visit this place. The reason? Because the central theme of this restaurant is STEW!! Stew is a very healthy dish and according to me anything healthy is not tasty! My presumption is wrong, very wrong! Stew Art is a simple small place with four or five tables. As you enter they have a board where their bestselling dishes are written which gets continuously updated.

The uncle who manages the place is very kind, welcoming and takes the time to suggest you dishes and also makes sure you like the food! Their menu card says Stew Art is India’s 1st Stew Restaurant.

We directly jumped to the main course though there were soups and starters. We ordered Hungarian Goulash, a Subtle European speciality as they describe it! This dish is one of Hungary’s National food. It has a base of onion, garlic, a little of basil. Every dish is served with a small bowl of rice and two slices of garlic bread. In addition to all of this, pieces of corn, broccoli, potato, pumpkin and mushrooms very added!! Trust me they taste awesome especially when garlic bread is dipped in the stew!


We also ordered Ladera Apo Greek Stew! It is stir fried vegetables flavoured with oregano. The main base is Tomato. This had zucchini, baby corn, pumpkin, potatoes and carrot. This dish was a tad spicier than the Goulash and the presence of oregano simply made it taste yum!


We ordered two pomegranate fresh fruit juices but I honestly did not find It refreshing or maybe it simply dint make a good choice to have with stew!



There are a lot other variety of stews both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian and there are spicier stews also. Their service is really quick, maximum of ten minutes only to serve their dish.

One stew is enough to fill a person! The prices are really friendly on the pocket and this place is a real treat for all the health and fitness freaks.

Quoting from their menu card, “Stews fall in between a soup and curry. Not as simple and bland like a soup and not oily and spicy like a curry. Stews are light on the stomach and an ideal meal for any weather.”

I really hope they expand their place and open up a lot more branches!!




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