I have always wanted to visit “Bread and butter” as it is considered a nice place for English and French kind of breakfast. The whole place is very small but economically used! They have both outdoor as well as indoor seating. The kitchen is on the ground floor and a small staircase leads you to the first floor where the major seating is placed! The place is simply decorated with cane chairs and tables and near every table is a switch/ bell to call for the waiter.
This place has been started by Mr. Akhil who realized he being a food fanatic and passionate chef could have no future profession where food was not involved! As a result, he started “Bread and Butter”, he has also opened a second outlet in Baner area, Pune.
Their menu has sandwiches, omelettes, burgers, pancakes, waffles, cold beverages and hot beverages.
I was very disappointed to know that waffles were not available because their waffle machine is broke! :-/, so my option of Classic Belgium waffle was out!
The next appealing option was pancakes!! But they did not have not many choices it was either classic pancakes or banana pancakes!! My friend made my choice easier when she made a face hearing bananas!! So Classic pancakes it is!!! They had the choice of either chocolate syrup, maple syrup or blueberry syrup.

Next the list of variety in omelettes was good, but we just stuck to classic omelette. The most frustrating part was the waiting we had to do before food arrived!! They took at least 25 minutes to put the food on our table. The café was not even crowded for them to be so busy!

Finally the food arrived, since it is the first time I’m having pancakes I couldn’t compare it with other pancakes nor tell if it tasted good! It tasted fine to me and I was glad that I did not go wrong with the choice of maple syrup.
The omelette also arrived with for slices of bread, the omelette tasted decent. Another two of our friends were joining us so we had also ordered mushroom cheese grilled sandwich. By this time, the friend had the cravings for French fries, so we also get French fries with cheese sauce which took another twenty minutes to arrive!!

The food overall tasted decent but nothing out of the world!!
The service is very, very, very slow and my strong advice is to visit and the place if you have all the time in the world and if your not starving!! The prices are very nominal.


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