Locating this place is not a task as it is located near #MITCollege, Pune and that particular road has a number of eat-out places. Previously, I had ordered from this place and fell in love with their chicken dishes and they serve huge portions of food! But, this was the first time I visited this place. The place is not fancily decorated but decent; it is a medium sized restaurant with 6-7 tables. The service of their staff is top notch! When we asked what to order or for suggestions, he was very patient in asking for our preferences and suggested accordingly. The best part was when we were done with our dinner and asked for the bill, he came back to ask how we liked the food and if were satisfied with the food! I don’t remember the last time anyone care enough to ask if we liked the food! He simply put a big smile on my face 😀
Coming to the food, we ordered a #ZanbaqSpecialKebab and later #veg.biryani.IMG_20150816_200801258


The food came quickly, first the kebab came, which was served with Mayonnaise and pudina chutney (#mintchutney) and pieces of thick roti. The kebab as it is was not spicy, but, when eaten together with the masala soaked raw onion rings with a combination of both mayonnaise and pudina chutney brought out the best flavours of the chicken.
The vegetable biryani with cucumber raita did not turn out to be my favourite! Oil was used excessively and though the biryani looked spicy but it was only the colour powder used for cooking!
A prudent choice to order there would be to order Chinese (especially noodles) and Lebanese but not Indian.
Other than the service, the two things which I liked was the Menu card and the Mayonnaise.The mayonnaise was very light and refreshing. I also noticed that they have sea food variety. The menu is enveloped in a wooden rectangular box, a very innovative way to present a menu card.
The prices are nominal and a lovely place to enjoy kebabs and a must try place for all non-veg lovers.


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