Interestingly, ROFL is the name of the restaurant, but no it does not mean what you are thinking, it stands for Rendezvous of Food Lovers! Locating this place is a piece of cake, because it is situated in the main road bang right opposite to #Wadeshwar (another famous eat out place in #Pune). This place attracts a lot of student crowd as it is situated right in between #ILS Law College and #Film Institute. Since we had dinner on a weekday the place was empty but the weekends would make it a busy place making it difficult to find a table. The cuisine is Italian, and when it is Italian how can one not order Nachos!? Even before the waiter reached our table, the smell of hot cheese poured over the nachos filled the room, it was served with the traditional salsa sauce and I am not exaggerating when I’m telling you the nachos were over in 2-3 minutes.



After that we ordered Veg Lasania, the presentation of the dish is commendable. The Lasania was kept in the middle and then covered more than generously with mustard sauce, with two rectangular pieces of toasted bread. All the vegetables were nice hidden inside the lasania. The vegetables were crunchy and it tasted as delicious as it looked! Since we divided the dish between three people I had an instinct that it would not be enough for us but my stomach proved me wrong for my eyes are larger than my stomach. On the whole a cool place to hang out with your friends and the prices are pocket friendly!


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