Farewell Lunch!

If not for anything else Chennai is known for its scorching sun! As my vacations were coming to an end, my friend and I wanted to have lunch at a restaurant we have never eaten before. So we had decided a place in Nungambakkam, but when we had reached there, the watchman informed us the place was closed. Both of us were disappointed but we quickly decided on another place and drove there. As she was parking I went ahead to ask for a table only to find that the shutter was closed! We were too tired driving around in a two wheeler, so when we were giving up on finding a place, another restaurant which was close by but more than our budget was our last hope. But all our hopes went in vain only to find out it was closed too! But this place was the only place which gave us the reason why…. The city had by-poll elections that day and all places with alcohol were shut down!

I was too adamant not to eat pizza so we settled for a “CHINA TOWN” in Cathedral road, though my friend assured me the food will be good, we both were both grumpy when we were seated and had no interest in going through their menu, but the one thing which caught my eye was “CHICKEN GLASS NOODLE SOUP” and since “DRAGON CHICKEN” is here favorite she choose that. Our grumpiness slowly subsided and our spirits were high once the food arrived!

The soup arrived first, I was too excited to taste it but it tasted exactly like chicken clear soup, the addition of glass noodles does not make any difference to the taste of the soup, though the taste of the soup was familiar it tasted really good! It was served hot with pieces of shredded chicken fresh pieces of broccoli, carrot, mushrooms and cabbage. The glass noodles all settled at the bottom that I quiet forgot about it! One has to make sure he keeps stirring the soup well so one can have both the noodles and the soup together.

The dragon chicken was served while we still having our soup, no doubt it was served hot and after the bland taste of the soup dragon chicken was the dish I wanted to savor in my mouth, it was a cooked perfectly with the right amount of tomato sauce not making it neither too dry nor too saucy, it had the perfect degree of sweetness and cashew nuts were added to make it taste rich.

Since they had Stir-fry & Sizzler fest, they had a special menu from which we ordered Mongolian Roast Lamb Sizzler, it comes either with noodles or rice, and we wanted noodles with it. The service is too quick that the dish came within 10 minutes. We were surprised with the noodles as it was vermicelli noodles; both of us were not very fond of this form of rice noodles as they are used to make upma. The noodles were not plain but cooked with onions, capsicum and red paprika. The lamb was cut into small pieces and tender, it was sauced and mixed with vegies, red and green capsicum, potatoes, sliced onions, red paprika and tiny pieces of garlic sprinkled over! We had asked the waiter to make it spicy, and the lamb with the combination of noodles and all the vegies was simply delicious and we did not regret a bit for the order we made!

chicken glass noodles soup
chicken glass noodles soup
Dragon chicken
Dragon chicken
Mongolian Roasted lamb sizzler
Mongolian Roasted lamb sizzler
glass noodles
glass noodles

The staff were very polite and place was decorated purely in Chinese red, but make sure to get a place near the Ac or else one would easily feel stuffy. They even have both veg and non-veg buffet. The prices are nominal and quantity is generous. It is a place both families and friends can visit.
China Town Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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