Hello world!

When I shifted from my city to a new place for college, I used to and still do, write letters to my friends back home! And most contents of those letters used to be where I ate and what I ate and how much I enjoyed it! Pune is the city which helped me realize how much I love food. I started to expand my food horizons, pestered and dragged my parents to new places. In Pune, Sunday nights are my favorite as we had to eat outside, deciding places to go which fit our students pocket yet which provides yummy food was not a easy task especially for a person who does not have a small appetite, but I love doing it. I simply cant wait to try a new place opened and then write about it to my friends back home. A few years later, the feelings for food is the same and growing love but suddenly I want to write to the whole world about the food and the places I visit, not to show off but to simply share my love with people who equally or more loves food! I might also wander off into things other than food!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. raji says:

    That we shall go together 😛
    Keep writing! 😀


    1. thank you for your support 😛


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